St Mary's Church Safeguarding Policy



As a church community, we are committed to:

  • The care, nurture of and respectful pastoral ministry with all children and adults

  • The safeguarding and protection of all children and adults

  • The establishment of safe, caring communities which provide a loving environment where there is a culture of  ‘informed vigilance’  regarding the dangers of abuse which:

For young children and young people

  • Values them for who they are, and nurtures their positive development

  • Enables them to participate fully and contribute to their church community

  • Protects then from potential harm

For adults who may be vulnerable, including those suffering domestic abuse:

  • Ensures that all people feel welcome, respected and safe from abuse

  • Encourage who may be vulnerable

  • To lead as independent life as possible

  • To choose how to lead their life

  • To be active contributors to the church and community

  • Protects those who may be vulnerable from actual or potential harm

For all people

  • Enables and encourages concerns to be raised and responded to openly and consistently

  • Offers support and care for all those, suffering or have suffered, from any form of abuse

  • Promotes respect and the value of each person as a child of God


We are therefore committed  to best practice according to the national policies and guidelines of the Church of England, in the protection of children and vulnerable people; in the recruitment , training and supervision of all those who exercise a pastoral ministry ; and in responding to any allegations or complaints .

This policy is reviewed each year by the Parochial Church Council and re-affirmed at the Annual meeting.


Because we understand that:

  • God has a special care for those who struggle

  • All of us at different periods of out lives are vulnerable and in need of help

  • We can make a difference