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St. Mary's Kids!

What is St Mary's Kids?


In the Bible, God calls us as parents to teach our children about him. In fact, it is the main job he gives parents! 


In Ephesians 6:4, the apostle Paul gives parents their job description: Fathers (or parents), do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.


It can be hard not to exasperate our kids(!) but even harder to know how to bring them up to know and love the Lord. That's where St Mary's Kids comes in! We pray this will help you parents/carers do just that! This is especially important for now and the foreseeable future, as we (sadly) cannot meet on Sundays for Little Faith or Children's Church. 

How does St Mary's Kids work?


Each week we deliver to your door a St Mary's Kids pack, with everything you need to spend a bit of time together as a family looking at the Bible and learning something new about our Great God.  


There will be:

  • a short video to watch, 

  • a few questions to talk about, 

  • a song to sing, 

  • a prayer to pray 

  • and a craft to make (we will drop all the bits you need for the craft round in advance).


It should take about 15min (not including the craft!) so why not find a time in the week when you can all get together, sit down and watch/chat/sing/pray/get gluey and all learn lots about our great God (parents included!)

We have a WhatsApp group set up for the parents. We use this to keep everyone up to date and to share links for online activities and resources. We also use this platform to discuss the bible teachings, share our progress with the activities, chat and encourage each other in our faith.


We pray that it will be helpful not just for the kids but for parents too! We also pray that it will be a blessing to sit down with your kids and talk about things that maybe we find get pushed out of our busy lives.

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