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Welcome to our new St. Mary's Book Club: Transformed!

We have been planning this for some time now, to encourage us to read good Christian books that renew our minds with the truth of God’s grace and transform our lives, for freedom! We think that there is no better time to launch a book club than now! In lockdown we do have a bit more time to read, so we are going to have one book each month that we encourage you to read and then we will have a Zoom meeting to discuss it at the end of the month, for all who would like to join. We know that not everyone finds reading easy, and not everyone can afford expensive books, so we will aim to read short, inexpensive but life-transforming books.


This months (October-November) life-transforming book is:


'Caring for One Another: 8 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships' by Ed Welch

There are hurting people everywhere. As Christians, it can be tempting to think that care should be left up to those who are more “qualified”: pastors, leaders, or counsellors. But in this book, experienced biblical counsellor Edward T. Welch encourages readers to see that anyone who has trusted in Jesus is equipped to care for others, even—or maybe especially—those who feel weak and needy themselves. With discussion questions and short chapters meant to be read with others, Welch guides individuals and small groups through 8 lessons aimed at helping ordinary Christians create a community where people are free to be open, admit weakness, ask for help, and bear one another’s burdens—a community that cares for each other in times of trouble.


The purpose of our new St Mary’s Book Club is that we are ‘Transformed’ to be more like Jesus by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2) and so this seems like a great book for us to read next!


If you would like to us to order a copy of the book for you, please:

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We will get it to you shortly (cost £4.79), or you can buy a copy yourself from We will meet on

Sunday 29th November to chat through how it has helped us and challenged us.

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