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Welcome to our new St. Mary's Book Club: Transformed!

We have been planning this for some time now, to encourage us to read good Christian books that renew our minds with the truth of God’s grace and transform our lives, for freedom! We think that there is no better time to launch a book club than now! In lockdown we do have a bit more time to read, so we are going to have one book each month that we encourage you to read and then we will have a Zoom meeting to discuss it at the end of the month, for all who would like to join. We know that not everyone finds reading easy, and not everyone can afford expensive books, so we will aim to read short, inexpensive but life-transforming books.


This months (August) life-transforming book is:


‘Will you be my Facebook Friend? Social media and the gospel’, by Tim Chester

What are the benefits of social media?

What are the dangers?

As Christians, we are to be thinking these things through as we use Facebook and social media. A book which is helpful in answering these questions is, ‘Will you be my Facebook Friend? Social media and the gospel’, by Tim Chester (Christian pastor & author). It highlights the benefits and the challenges.


Here’s a snippet: ‘I want to reiterate that for many people, using Facebook is not a problem. For many it is all blessing. But there are dangers in social networking. And to those who face those dangers, the gospel provides a richer and better alternative. Facebook is the place where I show my face or my image. For some of you it is the place where you recreate your image and your world through your words. The gospel is the place where God ‘turns his face towards us’ (see Numbers 6:26). It is the place where he recreates us in his image and recreates his world through his words.’ pg 41.


The purpose of our new St Mary’s Book Club is that we are ‘Transformed’ to be more like Jesus by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2) and so this seems like a great book for us to read next!


If you would like to us to order a copy of the book for you, please:

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We will get it to you shortly (cost £1.99 and only 48 pages), or you can buy a copy yourself from We will meet at the end of August to chat through how it has helped us and challenged us.

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