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Funeral and Burial Prices

The prices below were updated on 1st March 2023, in accordance to The Church of England TABLE OF PAROCHIAL FEES 2023.

Funeral Services at St. Mary's Church.png

Funeral Service in Church


The cost is for a funeral taking place in St Mary's and includes the fee for the committal.


£30.00 - Sound Desk

£30.00 - Pianist

£30.00 - Verger


You can add any of the above features, these prices are in addition to the Funeral cost.


Funeral Service in the Cemetery 


This cost is for a funeral carried out by the Vicar of St Mary's, but not in the Church i.e. at the Cemetery/ Graveside. Includes the fee for the committal.


Garden of Remembrance

Please be aware that if you wish for someone to be buried or have a plaque placed in our 'Garden of Remembrance' the funeral must take place at St Mary's. To order a plaque, please CLICK HERE to complete our digital 'Plaque Order Form'. If you require a paper form, please contact our Church Office.

Burial of Ashes



Digger cost is included in this price.

Garden of Remembrance 2.png
Garden of Remembrance.png



This includes the cost for the order of the plaque and its placement within the 'Garden of Remembrance'

We arrange funerals in conjunction with funeral directors, please speak to a funeral director in the first instance. They will contact us and we will contact you.

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