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St Mary's Church Vision Statement


Christ calls us to know him and to make him known through our lives, our worship and our teaching because he wants all mankind to know his grace and redemption. Therefore, we will seek to live authentic and transformed lives that are unapologetically Christ-centred in word and deed.



Christ calls us to explore His teaching through His word, The Bible, because that is God’s guidance for our lives. Therefore, we will seek to ensure that our worship, teaching and relationships are firmly rooted in an understanding of The Word.


Christ calls us to value each other irrespective of our differences because he created us and we are precious in His sight. Therefore, we will treat each other with dignity, always prepared to forgive and be forgiven, listening to and recognising each person’s needs, challenging all prejudice and embracing their presence in our family with unreserved love.


Christ calls us to live in community because he chose to live in a community with us as he now does with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we will seek to ensure that all members the church family recognise that they are included, loved and cared for in that community.


Christ calls us to reach out to others in love and compassion because when we were still far off God met us in His Son and brought us home. Therefore we will seek to be sensitive to the needs of the wider community and endeavour to minister to those needs with every resource at our disposal.



Christ calls us to join with Him and all His followers to have a vision for creation that is redeemed and transformed by his presence because he asks us to pray that His kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven. Therefore, we will seek to challenge injustice, conflict, and poverty wherever and whenever we find it by working in cooperation with all who would do the same.


(Based on the Outcomes of the Community Conversation in November 2015)

A Church that is Christ-Centred (Authentic)

A Church that is biblical (Firmly Rooted)

A Church that seeks to be a community where all are valued (Inclusive)

A Church that seeks to redeem creation (Kingdom-Centred)

A Church that seeks to love our neighbour as ourselves (Outward-Facing)

A Church that is compassionate and gracious (Grace-Filled)

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Template for Pew Cards Authentic
Front of Pew Cards Biblical
Template for Pew Cards Biblical
Front of Pew Cards Grace-Filled
Template for Pew Cards Grace-Filled
Front of Pew Cards Inclusive
Template for Pew Cards Inclusive
Front of Pew Cards Outward Facing
Template for Pew Cards Outward Facing
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