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Following the Government’s decision to remove most coronavirus legal restrictions, we want as many of us as possible to meet together for our Sunday services, so we can encourage each other to keep trusting in Jesus and living lives of love and good deeds for him! However, we still want to meet in a way that is responsible, as the Government urges, to protect one another from catching and spreading the virus. 

Therefore, following discussions with our Church Warden, our PCC (church council) and Health and Safety Advisor, and after the feedback we have received form our Church family, here’s how we have decided to gather so that we help as many people as possible keep safe and feel safe whilst attending our Church services.


Arriving, getting seated and leaving

  • You no longer need to sign up to attend a church service, so you can just come along. 

  • There’ll still be a QR code, however, if you do want to check in for Test & Trace.

  • We’ll still have hand sanitiser on your way in and ask that you use it. 

  • We’ll keep the building as well ventilated as possible. 

  • When it comes to finding a seat, we will have our comfy red chairs back! They will be in rows, as before, but we will space the rows out so that there is more distance between each one.

  • As a general rule, we’ll ask that you leave 2 empty seats between your groups.

  • Some people may appreciate company, however, so if you are happy to sit next to others, do ask if they would like to join you.

  • When it comes to leaving, please stay on after our service to chat to one another. This is a great time for us to catch up with each other again and encourage one another to keep living for Jesus.


Face coverings and singing 

  • Further to comment from our church council (PCC), I have decided that wearing a face mask for church services will now be voluntary but, for the rest of September, we will ask you to wear a mask to sing (excluding the music group).

This is because:

  • local infection rates are rising at the moment and we don't yet know the effects of children returning to school

  • there are a number of members of our church family who are coming to church at the moment and are vulnerable

  • as per the Church of England guidance, singing indoors causes the highest risk of infection


Whilst I know that it is not that pleasant to sing with a mask on, if we can mitigate the highest risk of catching or passing on the virus, we will help love & protect those who are vulnerable within our church family. 

We will continue to livestream our church services on our YouTube channel as before (but, remember, they are no substitute for meeting in person) and our Zoom church family catch up meetings will continue for October.

Thank you for the loving concern for others you have already shown and please pray that God will continue to protect our church family.

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